Rolex Sky-Dweller

Elegant and technically sophisticated, the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller was designed for those continually travelling the globe. Featuring the Saros annual calendar and Ring Command system, it simultaneously indicates two time zones, as well as the date and month, and allows them to be adjusted with one simple gesture.

A gold Rolex Sky-Dweller watch with a fluted bezel and white dial showing dual time zones, displayed on a reflective surface.

Immensely innovative, the Sky‑Dweller combines mechanical sophistication with an original display.

Since its creation in 2012, the Sky-Dweller has been aimed at those who see the world as a single territory, without borders. It allows travelers to avoid the pitfalls of time differences and always stay one step ahead.

A gold Rolex wristwatch with a white dial, fluted bezel, and bracelet against a blurred sky background. A gold wristwatch with a white face and metal band is displayed against a blurred neutral background.

Second time zone at a glance

The Sky-Dweller simultaneously displays the time in a second time zone as well as the local time, which is indicated by central hands. This second time zone – or reference time – is indicated by a highly legible, small triangle with a red silhouette on a 24-hour graduated rotating disc. A signature element of the model, this off-center disc makes it possible to unequivocally distinguish between daytime and night-time hours: an invaluable asset for someone traveling to the other side of the world.

Two images of a Rolex Sky-Dweller watch with a green dial and silver band are displayed. One image shows the watch floating above clouds, while the other presents a close-up side view. A stainless steel wristwatch with a green dial, numerous functions, and a bezel featuring fluted design. The watch is portrayed both against a cloudy sky and in a close-up side view.

Innovative and intuitive annual calendar

Specially developed for the Sky-Dweller, the patented Saros annual calendar is a key element in the model’s identity. The name of this mechanism, with its innovative design, is inspired by the Greek term denoting the cycle of lunar and solar eclipses.

The Saros calendar automatically differentiates between 30-day and 31-day months. It therefore requires only one manual date adjustment a year, when February turns to March. It is intuitive and simple to read. The current month is indicated in red in one of the dozen windows that punctuate the hour markers around the circumference of the dial.

The watchmaking innovation relies on two-gear ratios and only four-gear wheels added to Rolex’s instantaneous date calendar. This elementary structure gives the Saros annual calendar excellent reliability.

Close-up of a Rolex Sky-Dweller watch featuring a blue dial, fluted bezel, and rose gold accents. Close-up of a Rolex Sky-Dweller watch with a fluted bezel, blue dial, and rose gold case. The watch displays the current time and a 24-hour ring for global time zones. The Rolex crown logo is visible.

Ring Command system time under control

Developed by Rolex, the patented Ring Command system is an innovative mechanism of interaction between the rotatable bezel, winding crown and movement. It allows the Sky-Dweller’s different functions to be selected easily, quickly and securely, before adjusting them with the winding crown.

By turning the fluted bezel counterclockwise – the profile of which is accentuated to make it easier to handle – the wearer chooses the indication that they wish to set. First notch: date and month. Second notch: local time. Third notch: reference time.

A gold and black wristwatch with a black rubber strap, featuring a fluted bezel and a multi-function dial, set against a blurred background. A luxury gold and black wristwatch with a black rubber strap is displayed against a gradient background. The watch features a black dial with multiple sub-dials and a gold bezel.

For the true globetrotter

Whether a golfer, sailor or equestrian rider, crisscrossing the globe, they must always be ready, whatever the destination or distance traveled.

Spanish golfer Jon Rahm, Brazilian skipper Robert Scheidt and American show jumper Kent Farrington are among the Rolex Testimonees who have adopted the Sky-Dweller.

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