Our Rolex team

At Long's Jewelers, we are at your service to help you choose the Rolex watch that best suits you within the wide range of Rolex timepieces. Our Boston Boutique - located in the heart of the city - is entirely dedicated to Rolex and only sells guaranteed Rolex timepieces.

The Long's difference

The Rolex Boutique by Long's is managed by an incredible team of passionate Rolex experts who are committed to serving the Rolex community of New England. Every Rolex consultant is both knowledgeable about the Rolex brand as well as committed to Long's core values of providing amazing quality and service. We are proud of the Long's Rolex team, and we are excited to invite you into a space that, while relatively new, feels as though it's been seamlessly running for years.

What to expect

When you visit the Rolex Boutique by Long's, you'll be given a tour of the space before sitting down in one of several sections, where we bring timepieces directly to you. We also have a dedicated service area upstairs as well as a watchmaking shop where we can consult on timepiece repairs and our service offering. Whether we are looking at specific models, consulting on a repair, or talking about our favorite timepieces, our team will tailor your visit exactly to your needs.

An exterior view of a modern Rolex store with large glass windows and a green and gold Rolex sign above the entrance. A green flag bearing the Rolex logo is visible on the building's facade. Exterior of a Rolex storefront featuring large windows, an illuminated green and gold Rolex sign, and a green flag displaying the Rolex logo. The building has a modern glass and stone facade.

Elegance, luxury and education

Customers who visit our Newbury Street location can expect not only elegance and luxury but also a warm and welcoming environment. Our sales associates, customer service professionals, and concierge are all committed to giving every visitor a unique and personalized experience from the moment they walk through the doors. Whether you're buying your first Rolex watch or adding to your extensive Rolex collection, the focus of each visit is on educating our customers on what makes Rolex so special.

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